This article will show you how to how take apart the Bolt printhead

Step 1

- Disconnect the hot end, drive unit motor and the cooling fans:


Step 2

- Now you will have to free up the printhead assembly from the carriage. You will have to remove a screw in the back of the printhead (pic. 2) and two screws on top of the assembly (pic.3);



Step 3

- Once the printhead is out remove the hot end by removing the thumb screw all the way out (pic.4) and then LOOSEN the two screws holding the motor to the heat sink (pic.5):



Step 4

- Next make sure that the bottom aluminium gland is loose as well (pic.6) so you can reach the situation presented in pic. 7;



Step 5

- And the last step is to free up the motor (pic.8)


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