This article will show you how to replace the Y axis bearings on your Leapfrog Bolt 3D printer.


- a 1.5 Allen key;

- a flat head and start head screwdrivers;

- a hammer.

Step 1

       The first step is to turn off the printer and then loosen  the front cover of the Bolt housing so you can slide the two Y axes in and out thus enabling you access to the Y bearings. For this use the star head screwdriver to loosen the small black plastic bolts marked in the picture below. You have four in total 2 on each side (Pic.1);

    Once the screws are loose you can gently peal away the front cover, please keep in mind that on the outer side you will have velcro strips holding it in place you will need to detach them a bit to loosen the front cover;

                 Pic. 1 

Step 2 (please note that we removed the front cover to better allow us to explain the procedure but you do not have to remove the cover)

    Once the cover is loose you will be able to move towards the Y rods. First use the flat head screwdriver to loosen the nylon bolts holding the rods in place (Pic.2);


Step 3

    Once the rods are loose slide them out of the Y bearing housing (Pic.3) so you can start removing the bearings;


Step 4

    Once the rod is out of the way use the 1.5 mm Allen key to loosen the two grub screws holding the bearings in the housing (Pic.4);


Step 5

    Now push the bearings out of the housing using your hand. If you can not get them out you can use a plastic or metal cylinder with a close diameter to that of the bearings and use a hammer to push the cylinder into the bearings thus removing them from the housing (Pic.5);


Step 6

    Once the old bearings are out unpack the new bearings, place them on the Y rod and push the rod through to the other end thus also pushing the bearings into the housing, this in turn will make sure that the bearings are nice and level in the housing (Pic.6);


Step 7

    Now once the rod reaches the back mounting bracket push the first bearing deeper into the housing until you feel the edge of the second bearing on the other side of the housing. Using your hand you can actually pinch the two bearings to align them in the housing, you will see that the edge of the bearings is not aligned with the outer edge of the housing, do not worry this is not a problem it is just how the assembly is set up (Pic.7);


Step 8

    Once the bearings are in place you will need to secure them to the housing by tightening the two grub screws you loosened at step 4 (pic.8);


Step 9

    Now you will also have to secure the Y rods back into place so use the flat head screwdriver to tighten the nylon bolts and all that is left to do is to align the front cover of the Bolt housing and tighten the 4 star head bolts and align the velcro strips on the outer part of the housing (Pic.9).


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