This solution will describe how to retrieve the logfiles from the Bolt and Bolt Pro. Please read trough all the steppes before you start.

Methode 1:

Remote login to your machine

go to settings -> logs

download the log files.

Methode 2:

Go to:



Change the title of the machine to: "debug" (without the ")

a new button called debug will appear. turn it on.


reboot the machine

once the machine is booted again click on begin homing



log communication to serial.log



reboot the machine

Now the machine is setup to log more data for trouble shooting purposes. 

Please try to trigger the error. Once the error has occured proceed with the next steps.

insert flashdrive (usb-memory-stick)




log files

In the upper right hand corner click on the list symbol and select "save all"

Wait for 1 minute before you unmout/take out the flashdrive. This is to ensure that the files are written and saved on the flashdrive. Removing the flashdrive may result in corrupted logfiles.

send files to support in .zip format

Methode 3:
Alternitive way to retrieve the log files.
Step 1 – Connect the keyboard

Turn on the Bolt and wait for it to complete startup.
Remove the back cover, there you will find a black usbhub. Connect the USB keyboard to black usb hub on the back and the USBstick/flashdrive in the front USB connector on the Bolt(pro).

Press the Ctrl+Alt+F1 keys all at the same time. The display will turn black and put you in a Linux login:

Step 2 – Enter login credentials (without the ")

On the screen you are prompted for login credentials. Please use

"pi" as the login name, followed by "AlphenTEXASFrog" as the password and hit enter. (there will show no starts that you typed the password) You will now get a Linux prompt (black screen with text)

step 3 - Find the name of the USBstick/flashdrive
Insert the USBstick/flashdrive on the front of the machine
"cd /media/pi"
    - "ls"
           -this should show you then a return with a name, mostly the name of the USB stick.

Step 4 - find the log files

- "cd the_name_visible_from_the_step_above"

- then  the following lines: (without the ")
    - "mkdir leapfrog_logs"
    - "cp -R /home/pi/.octoprint/logs leapfrog_logs"
    - "cd"
    - "sudo umount /media/pi/name_visible_from_the_step_before"
    - "octorestart"
you can now remove the USB stick safely. The log files are then saved on the USB stick. Please send the log files to us afterwards.