!!Warning uploading the wrong firmware will damage the machine. Please pay close attention that you select the Bolt_firmware for the Bolt and Boltpro_firmware for the Bolt Pro!!

There are two ways of manually uploading firmware to the machines. (Please note that there is a difference between firmware and software)

Method one:

upload the correct firmware to a flashdrive (USB-stick)

Boot the 3D printer

insert the flashdrive

On the touchscreen go to settings -> update

upload the firmware to the 3D printer to update the firmware. 

If method one does not work you can upload the firmware directly to the LMC also known as motherboard.

Make sure the machine is turned on 

unscrew the backplate of the 3D printer

connect LMC to your windows computer with a USB cable

Run the Xloader program on your windows machine.

select the correct firmware file. The extention of this file is .Hex

Select device Mega(ATMEGA2560)

Select the highest COM port

Boud rate 115200

Click on Upload

Wait for the upload to be finished.