Step 1 – Connect the keyboard

Make sure the machine is on and connect a USB keyboard in the front USB hub of the Bolt Pro

Press the Ctrl+Alt+F1 keys all at the same time. The display will turn black and put you in a Linux login:

Step 2 – Enter login credentials (without the ")

On the screen you are prompted for login credentials. Please use

"pi" as the login name, followed by "AlphenTEXASFrog" as the password and hit enter. (there will show no starts that you typed the password) You will now get a Linux prompt (black screen with text)

Step 3 - Executing commands

*TIP use the Tab key for autocompletion*

*These command are case senstive*

type the following after each line hit enter to send the command. Please take note of the capitals they are important!:


sudo rm -rf OctoPrint-LUI

git clone

cd OctoPrint-LUI



Step 4 - exit the screen

Ctrl+ Alt + F7

reboot the machine

try to update the machine. It's recommended to use a wired connection to update the machine.