Please make sure you are running at least software version 1.3.0

Step 1 – Connect the keyboard

to the Bolt and enter Linux

Turn on the Bolt and wait for it to complete startup. Connect the USB keyboard to the front USB connector on the Bolt. Press the Ctrl+Alt+F1 keys all at the same time. The display will turn black and put you in a Linux login:

Step 2 – Enter login credentials

On the screen you are prompted for login credentials. Please use 


as the login name, followed by 


as the password. You will now get a Linux prompt:

Step 3 – Rotate the screen

In the Linux prompt, type the following command exactly as shown (including the preceding dot and forward slash)


And then press enter. 

type the command


press enter.

The machine should now reboot and the normal interface should apair again. with the correct orientation. 


Kind regards,


Technical Support Engineer

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