Sometimes, after installing the software again, it can happen that the Screen stays white (white in the center, darkening towards the borders) in rare cases black, with a dim white line next to the frame. 

In both cases, this is caused by a driver issue and is quickly resolved. 

Removing and inserting the USB power cable of the screen. This must be done while the machine is turned on.

If your Bolt has the Raspberry Pi on the back, in the top left corner,

 it is the easiest to simply unplug everything connected to the Pie and plug it back in.

The Bolt will reboot and the appropriate drivers are installed automatically. 

If you do not have the Raspberry Pie on the back of the machine,

it is placed behind your screen. In this case you need to unfasten the 2 black screws holding the cover in place and tilt it carefully forward until you can reach the cables inside the screen.

Unplug the power connection (The one with the black and red cables)

Plug it back in. The printer will reboot (possibly more than once)

Once you can see the Frog during boot, the process was succesful.