The Creatr and Creatrs HS Series was originally supplied with a Custom Version of "Materialise"

We provided a Voucher Code, only available on a physical Voucher Card. 

If you still possess that Card, you can reactivate the Software, using the following Link:

Materialise Voucher Activation

Just enter the Code and click Submit. 

I do not have the Voucher Code anymore, what can I do?

 Since the Voucher was only available on a physical card and the Creatrs are out of Support and discontinued, we cannot replace the Vouchers anymore.

There are however, a few Options for you.

The easiest is, to obtain a fully licensed Version of the current Materialise Software.

Alternatively, you can use Simplify3D  

For Simplify3D  you can get to the Profiles for your Creatr as explained here:

If you do not want to purchase a Program, you can always use a Free Slicer Solution like
 CURA, ( ) or
Repetier ( )

This would require to create your own new profiles.