If the Printer shows an Error 

"Ambient temperature Error, Min Temp  (x)  then the system doesn't get a response from the appropriate part of the Printer. To Understand the Error:

In your Slicer  

On the LMC


In the Interface



If you encounter the Error, it can be caused by 

- A broken LMC

- Broken Cables

- Broken Hot End

- Broken Head PCB

- Broken Cables to the Head PCB

- Missing Hot End

So on most occurrences, this signals a hardware issue. 

To troubleshoot, where exactly it comes from, do the following.

1. Swap the Hot Ends, left to right, right to left.  If the issue moves, then it is the hot end itself.

if it doesn't move:

2. Swap the cables on the main board (T1 vs T3) If the Error moves, then it is the cable connection to the main board (and we excluded the main board)

if it doesn't move 

3. Swap the cables with the blue and green markings in the head PCB against each other. Right side to left and left to right. 

If the issue moves, it is that cabling that causes the issue. 

In case it still doesn't move, then we face an issue with the Head PCB. 

To finally test the Main Board, you can swap the connection of the suspected Hot End and the Bed. If it still shows the same error, then the issue is in the LMC itself.