Hello and thank you for choosing the Leapfrog Creatr for your 3D printing needs.

This solution applies to the Creatr Single / Dual & Creatr XL;

In the following solution you will be instructed on how to replace the motherboard on your Leapfrog Creatr 3D printer;

Make sure that the printer is disconnected from any power source while working on the wiring and the electronic board.

1. The first step is to remove the side panels of the printer (Pic.1) and the interior cover plate to expose the electronic board (Pic.2a & 2b);




2. The next step is to remove the wiring from the old motherboard ( you can either mark the wire connectors one by one or use the pictures below as a reference Pic.3a & 3b);



3. The moment the wires are disconnected you need to remove 5 bolts which are holding the board into place ( see Pic.4);


4. The next step is to put in the new motherboard and reconnect the wires based on the pictures you took or by comparing the board with pictures 3a and 3b. Note that each connection is also written on the motherboard;

5. Now that the board is installed download the correct firmware and install it:

Which firmware version do I need for my printer?

Uploading the Creatr firmware

6. Once the firmware is uploaded connect the printer to the PC through your slicing software and start printing;


Make sure the wires are properly connected as to avoid any chance of a short circuit which could damage the motherboard. So double check your work;

This part can be purchased from our website in the replacement parts section. Please note each printer model has it`s own section:


Thank you for reading the solution and for any other issues please do not hesitate to contact our Leapfrog Support Team.


We wish you happy printing!