Simplify3D Print Settings 

To ensure that your Simplify3D is set-up properly for your device, we advice you to use the latest print settings. The print settings (.FFF) are available for download below. Please import these into your Simplify3D. You can also watch this video

Simplify3D will also offer printsettings for Bolt PRO via the "configuration Assistant". We recommend to always obtain / use the printsettings from the Leapfrog website. 

These printsettings can be used for:

Leapfrog Bolt
Leapfrog Bolt PRO

Click to Download Printsettings


V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA Fast

V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA Fine

V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA Mirror mode

V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO EPLA Sync mode


V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO PETG Fast

V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO PETG Fine


V1.3 Leapfrog Bolt PRO ABS

V1.3 Leapfrog Bolt PRO PVA-EPLA

V1.3 Leapfrog Bolt PRO HIPS-ABS

V1.4 Leapfrog Bolt PRO TPC (flex)

Importing files into Simplify3D

Click on File, then Import FFF profile. Browse to the print settings (.FFF) that you wish to import. After successfully importing the profiles, a pop-up window should appear to confirm this.

Add a process and click on edit process settings. When clicking on the "Select Profile:" dropdown menu, your newly imported Print Settings can be selected