This solution article will describe how you can replace a Leapfrog Bolt (PRO) X-motor. 

Tools and Parts:

The needed tools and parts for this maintenance are:

  • Allen Wrench 2
  • Allen Wrench 2,5
  • Allen Wrench 3
  • 2pcs wrench size 10 
  • Replacement X-motor
  • Measuring Caliper    

Before starting the replacement procedure, please switch the device off and remove the power cable.

When the manual refers to "Left" or "Right". This is always considered when looking from the front of the machine. Please see the illustration below. 

In this manual, the X-motor that moves the Left Printhead will be replaced. The same method applies for the X-motor that moves the Right printhead. 

Step 1: Choosing the correct X-motor

  • The image below illustrates which X-motor corresponds to which printhead (Left or Right). 
  • Please determine which motor will be replaced. 

Step 2: Loosening the belt tension

  • Loosen the belt tension for the X-motor that you would like to replace
  • Use a wrench 10 on both sides of the idler pulley and loosen it
  • Move the idler pulley towards the left, to loosen the belt tension. 

Step 3: Take the belt of the motor pulley

  • Remove the belt from the motor pulley

Step 4: Remove the hex spacer

  • Remove the hex spacer as illustrated below using Allen Wrench size 3. 

Step 5: Disconnect the motor from the wiring. 

  • Carefully remove the white connector from the X-motor. Please only pull the white connector, do not pull the wires.

Step 6: Remove the X-motor from the carriage. 

  • Loosen all 4 bolts on the X-motor using Allen Wrench size 2,5.
  • Be aware that washers are present between X-motor and carriage.

Step 7: Installing the pulley on the new X-motor. . 

  • Use Allen Wrench size 2 to tighten the X-motor pulley on the shaft. As a guideline the distance between X-motor and Pulley top should be ±22.5mm Further alignment with idler pulley can be done after the belt is installed.

step 8: Installing the new X-motor on the carriage. 

  • Install the new X-motor by performing step 2 to 6 backwards. 
  • For step 2: Make sure to properly tension the belt. This can be done by applying pressure on the wrench while tightening it.