Applies To Leapfrog Creatr Series; Single, Dual, and XL

STEP 01: Make sure you have aligned both nozzles before moving forward with bed leveling and calibration. Please use this solution article, "Aligning your nozzles", to confirm they are level with each other.

STEP 02: With a sticker applied to the print bed, place 1 sheet of typing paper in the front left corner of the print bed.

STEP 03: Then, using the Machine Controls in the 3D slicing software, "Home All" the printer head. This should bring the print head to the front-left corner and raise the print bed to where the LED light on the induction sensor at the back left corner of the printer illuminates:

This should pinch the piece of typing paper between the nozzles and the print bed glass (with sticker).

STEP 04: Using a size 4mm Allen/Hex key on the top of the glass corner screw and a wrench or pair of pliers on the bottom nut, adjust the height of the front left corner of the glass until movement of the typing paper between the nozzles and glass IS possible but there is a moderate amount of friction.

STEP 05: Use the manual controls to carefully move the print head to the front right corner - WATCH OUT FOR THE NOZZLES NOT TO HIT THE GLASS. If you see that this is going to happen when you move the print head all the way to the right, use the Allen/Hex key and wrench to lower the front right corner before moving the print head all the way over.

STEP 06: Do the same calibration for the front right corner, back right corner, and back left corner as you did the front left corner in Step 05.

(NOTE: the back corners may be a bit difficult to fit the Allen key; it's okay if you do not move the print head all the way to the right or left corners.)

STEP 07: It is recommended to go around the 4 corners a few times, as adjusting one corner slightly effects the others.

Congratulations! You've successfully calibrated the print bed glass for your 3D printer!

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