This solution article will describe how to level the bed support plate. Please note that this will compromise your bed leveling. When finalizing this procedure, please be sure to re-level your print-bed again.

We recommend using three equal objects with a thickness of approximately 30mm. In this tutorial, 3D Printed M20 bolts will be used for this. The STL for this can be found attached. These will be used to achieve equal spacing between the bed support plate, and the spindle-top.

Please remove all filament remainings / dirt from the Z-axis belts and pulleys. 

Step 1: Please make sure your 3D printer is switched off.

Step 2: Lower the support plate manually by moving the lower belt counter clockwise to create enough clearance to fit the thee equal (30mm) spacers. 

Be sure the spacers leave clearance between the printbed and nozzles when moved to the top position.

                            Lowering the bed support plate

                    Placing the three equal (30mm) spacers

Step 3: Move the support plate upwards by moving the lower belt clockwise until one of the spacers hits one of the spindle tops.

  • In case all three objects have equal distance between spindle top no further action is needed. 
  • In case one of the three objects does not hit the spindle tops, please proceed with the next step to re-align.  

Step 4: Undo the lower belt from the tensioner.

Step 5: Turn each individual spindle clockwise until each spacer is fixed between the support plate and the top of the spindles.

Step 6: Refit the lower belt over the tensioner. Please ensure to keep each spacer fixed between the support plate and the top of the spindles during this step.

Step 7: Lower the support plate by turning the lower belt counter clockwise until enough clearance is made to remove the spacers. Then please proceed by removing the three equal spacers. 

Step 8: The procedure is done. Before starting to use your machine again, please re-level your printbed. (settings / maintenance / calibrate bed)