Every Leapfrog Creatr is equipped with a motorcontrolboard. In total there is two different types and the Leapfrog Creatr can only be equipped with one of them.

You can visually determine which version is installed in your machine:

MLE Mechatronics Controlboard

Color = Black

Purchasing options = Please contact www.reprapworld.com at support@reprapworld.com 

with reference to: the Mechatronics LMC for the Leapfrog Creatr.

Leapfrog Motor Controlboard 

Color = Green

Purchasing options = Please contact sales@lpfrg.com with reference to: Leapfrog Motor Controlboard (C-01-1122)

Upgrade options

upgrading from a MLE mechatronics Controlboard to a Leapfrog Motor Controlboard is possible. Please note that Leapfrog only offers instructions (below) on how to perform this procedure.