Please find the following document available for download below:

Leapfrog Motor Control Board (LMC) V3 Circuit Diagram 20180119.PDF

Please note that depending on firmware, the wiring order can be different.

Leapfrog Bolt - LMC Setup Version 1 

Leapfrog Bolt PRO - LMC Setup Version 2

Replacing the motorcontrolboard on your Leapfrog Bolt (PRO) ?

  • Please see the manual " V1.0 Bolt (PRO)_ 20180806_ LMC Replacement.pdf " attached
  • Take special note to re-place the 3 red jumpers in correct position on new board (step 3 in manual). Note that the jumpers will jump only 2 pins, where 3 pins are available. Take special caution in this step to place it correctly.